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Digital Solutions with a Conscience

While data center energy efficiency has gotten significantly better, median desktop page transfer size, total HTTP requests, total javascript bytes, and so one has steadily increased nearly 30% over the past decade.

Committed to a greener future, Ignite Bright proudly partners with Stripe Climate, dedicating 0.5% of our revenue to carbon renewal initiatives. We guarantee that every new site we develop is hosted sustainably, actively contributing to carbon emission reduction.

Our Current Offerings

With a decade of experience under our belt, Ignite Bright excels in delivering bespoke software and insightful technical strategy. Whether providing fractional CTO expertise, navigating government projects, or crafting advanced software, we customize our services to your needs.

Our commitment to integrity and ethics is at the core of every endeavor, ensuring our values shine through in our work.

Fractional CTO

Need technical guidance or want to enhance your software practices without the hefty price tag? Our Fractional CTO service provides top-tier expertise at a fraction of the cost, perfect for businesses until they achieve product-market fit and build a full team. Ideal for commitments longer than three months.

Website in a Week

Launching an MVP fast is crucial for early-stage startups and small businesses. Our ‘Website in a Week’ program is designed to bring your idea to life swiftly and effectively, ensuring your product resonates with your audience.

Looking for something unique?

If our services don’t seem to align perfectly with your needs, let’s talk. We cater to a diverse range of clients, from small enterprises to large corporations and even government bodies. Your uniqueness is our challenge; we’re ready to improvise, adapt, and excel together.

“Cory is one of the more professional consultants I have worked with to date. It’s comforting having a consultant in house that I can put in front of members from all aspects of the business without any concern.”

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Chad Mullen

Lead, SlingTV

Recently completed works

A small sample of what we’ve delivered for ourselves or for our clients below. Be sure to read our Case Studies for more details about our delivery.

Website CO2 Emissions Tracker

  • Built to estimate and track CO2 Emissions of popular government websites over time
  • Fully automated backend
  • Add your own website
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Cabeça de Queijo

  • A Green Bay Packers Fan Club in Brazil
  • Not affiliated with the NFL – just for fun to build community
  • Learn More

Our Services

Empower Your Project with our Tailored Tech Solutions.

Fractional CTO Service

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Expert Guidance

Website in a Week

limited time



Rapid Development

MVP Focused

Collaborative Process

Custom Engagement

based on requirements


Fully Tailored

Versatile Expertise


Something Else?

If you’d like to meet with us to explore our fit for helping you reach your goals, please fill in the form below.