Business Values

Large tropical plant leaves with sunlight lens flare shining thru
  1. We ensure our products do no harm – especially to the environment by offsetting web hosting impacts by joining Stripe Climate, buying additional Carbon Credits, and building tools to raise awareness of climate impact.
  2. We bootstrap everything with our own funds.
  3. We use our own products.
  4. Authenticity. We don’t flex to put out a different persona.
  5. We do not give away equity. We recognize that we receive complete freedom of choice by going this route. Raising funds forces us to grow at all costs.
  6. We’re less ambitious than most Software as a Service companies – we do not want to build a unicorn. We want to start and maintain a suite of software products that allows for work/life balance.
  7. Not everything we create has to create profit or make money. We work on these things on the side while take consulting gigs or broader agency work.
  8. However, we’re cost conscious and optimize for getting the most return on our investments. We must drive a profit while focusing on the quality of our work.
  9. We aim to have have smaller exits. By being revenue positive, we can sell when we want.
  10. Business will ebb and flow – we will be flexible to an extent. But, we will never put work in front of familial commitments.
  11. Clear disconnection points between business and life (ability to autopilot business if need be).
  12. We can revisit and reprioritize the above as our life evolves. These are not set in stone and should be revisited once per year.