How We Use Artificial Intelligence at Ignite Bright


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How We Use Artificial Intelligence at ignite bright

We look at artificial intelligence as another tool in our tool belt – allowing us to expedite delivery for our clients.

Code Completion

We increase delivery velocity and time to market with AI, like GitHub CoPilot, that predicts and fills in code snippets.

Automated Test Writing

Boost test coverage with AI to write tests based on code analysis and requirements.

Predictive Analytics

Experience data-driven forecasting with AI’s predictive analytics, enhancing strategic decision-making.

Enhanced Cybersecurity

Bolster defenses with GitHub Advanced Security threat detection and response, securing data and assets for your business from Day One.

Refactoring Recommendations

Improve code health with AI-driven insights on where and how to refactor for better maintainability for the long-term.

Your Data, Secured.

Whether you are in a highly regulated environment, a small startup, or just trying to gain a better online presence. We make sure we know where your valuable data is going and how it is being utilized to train 3rd party artificial intelligence models.

And, if we don’t know how to do something, we’ll admit it.

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