We Take Pride in Our Work

“Cory is an exceptional software engineer, an outstanding teammate, and someone that I hope to have the fortune to work with again.”

Photo of Chris Szymansky

Chris Szymansky

CTO, FieldGuide

“Working with Cory has been a pleasure. He is a confident and very skilled developer who is not afraid to learn new things and is not afraid to just roll up his sleeves and dive into a problem.  His client-side skills are polished and he is a very good communicator overall.”

Marty Brann

“He’s eager to do more than the bare minimum. He’s taken ownership of his projects and doesn’t simply throw work to DevOps but instead asks how he can do and learn more. He doesn’t just provide a solution but improves the deployments/configuration management/cleaning up tech debt.”

Casey Burnett

Senior Engineer – DevOps, Sling IT, SlingTV

“Thanks Cory, you played a huge part in my success and I am eternally grateful for the work that you did to help me!”

Photo of Forrest Longanecker

Forrest Longanecker

“Cory has made more of an impact on my career progression and understanding of development than any other person thus far. He was my mentor at Bloc.io and his patience and ability break down and explain the logic behind *why* the code was working was apart of the foundation from which I excelled.”

Photo of Zoë Clemens

Zoë Clemens

Student @ Thinkful

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